Marketing by memory.




Why would anyone believe that Apple, of all companies, would design a product that gets damaged if you do the obvious thing and simply leave it plugged in overnight?

via Daring Fireball Linked List: iPad Battery Nonsense.

Because none of us is infallible. That said, I agree that some media outlets—perhaps coincidentally a subset of those that did not get invited to the iPad event—are carrying forward their negative propaganda against the only tablet that promises as rich a user experience as the content that has been created for it.


Nipples at the Met—apparently, someone believes in collating this information. Roughly 5,000 years after we become extinct, the next higher order species would find these marvelous relics and draw their own conclusions about our time on planet Earth.



Watching Milwaukee (Bucks) playing New York (Knicks) at the Garden. Or, should I say, listening to Walt “Clyde” Frazier in the background as I do other more pressing things.

Pretty often, this is what I hear:

Swishing and dishing..

Run and gun..

Pulverizing, mesmerizing..

Shake and bake..

Does everything need to rhyme to make a Knicks game as interesting as it once used to be?